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Helps you sleep, relax and manage your tinnitus


Product Description

Sleep better with natural, clinically proven sound therapy.


The Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System S-650-02 is a next generation sound machine that delivers an unmatched therapeutic sound experience. This model has been specifically developed for tinnitus sufferers.


Featuring clinically proven sounds from world renowned doctors and the world’s finest authentic nature sounds, the S-650-02 Sound Oasis Sleep Sound Therapy System:

  • Helps circumvent tinnitus discomfort
  • Blocks out irritating noises
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere so you:
    • Fall asleep easier
    • Get higher quality sleep
    • Enhance concentration
    • Feel more alert and comfortable throughout the day

The S-650-02 tinnitus therapy machine incorporates the world’s only “sound card” technology which enables you to change sound themes by simply inserting a new memory card containing 12 different sounds.



  • Plays 24 amazingly soothing sounds with our next generation, higher fidelity sound reproduction.
  • S-650-02 noise machine includes 12 Sleep/Relax/Wellness sounds with 6 authentic nature sounds + 6 clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors, PLUS BONUS Ear Therapy sound card (12 Bonus Sounds):
  • Clinically proven therapy sounds from world renowned doctors for superior results.
  • Backlit alarm clock (variable brightness) - wake to sound or buzzer.
  • Patented Sleep Enhancement® technology lulls you to sleep.
  • 4 position timer: Continuous play, auto, auto 30, 60, 90-minute gentle shut off.
  • Pause/Resume automatically replays same sound session.
  • Headphone/Sleep pillow jack.
  • Powered by 4 "AA" batteries (not included) for portability or AC adapter (included).
  • S-650-02 tinnitus machine includes 1 sound therapy system, 1 Sleep/Relaxation/Wellness sound card, 1 Ear Therapy Sound Card and AC adapter.


Sound Cards Included


SC-300-01 Sound Oasis Sleep Relaxation Wellness Sound Card

Your Sound Oasis advances the science of sound therapy by incorporating clinically proven sound therapy sounds developed by Dr. Lee Bartel, an internationally acclaimed music and health expert. From his years of research, Dr. Bartel has helped millions of people sleep better, relax easier and think more effectively.


The sound card includes:

  • 6 sound therapy sounds developed exclusively for Sound Oasis
  • 6 authentic digital recordings of nature recorded in the wild by the world's most foremost nature recorder.


SC-300-02 Sound Oasis Tinnitus Therapy Sound Card


The Sound Oasis Ear Therapy sound card provides advanced sound therapy to help tinnitus sufferers mask and manage their tinnitus at home or work. Six of the sounds were developed by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, one of the world's leading experts on sound therapy.


Dr. Thompson's sounds represent the most advanced approach to tinnitus therapy sounds that anyone has ever attempted with fixed prerecorded sound tracks.


Each sound track has multiple high range frequencies built right into the music so it is more palatable to play-during the day or to sleep with at night. Six other sounds provide "nature only" sounds for pleasant masking therapy and customized versions of white noise targeting specific and general tinnitus frequencies.


The sound card includes:

  • 5 tinnitus therapy sounds developed by Dr. Thompson
  • 6 nature sounds

S680/02 Sleep Sound Therapy System

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