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Audiology Services

Committed to your improved hearing

Your quality of life is our number one priority. We are proud to serve residents of Red Deer, Rimbey, and surrounding areas for all your hearing and testing needs. Creating a comfortable environment to have your hearing tested and treated is our passion. We believe in utilizing the latest technology in hearing testing to diagnose and treat hearing loss as early as possible. Your greatest defense against gradual hearing loss is early detection. 

Imagine being able to enjoy your favourite activities and engage in a social gathering again. This is possible with proactive and consistent help from our Registered Hearing Aid Practitioners.

Hearing Testing

Using the latest in testing technology we are able to detect early signs of hearing loss. A hearing test is painless and effective. 

Once we identify the cause and type of loss you are suffering from we can introduce you to the perfect solution for your unique situation, with comfort fit. 

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Modern digital in the ear hearing aid fo

Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing aids are extremely effective when they fit properly, are programmed for your unique needs, and are comfortable for you to wear. 

If your specific hearing cause requires hearing aids, this solution will immediately improve your quality of life and that of your loved ones and friends. 

Tinnitus Management

If you tend to hear a rushing, buzzing, or ringing in your ears, you could have tinnitus. Up to 37% of Canadians have experienced this type of hearing impairment in the last year. It can present in a very mild way or could be very bothersome and intolerable.

We will do a careful evaluation of your health history to help determine the cause and find a solution to quiet the noise.

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