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Would You Wake to The Smoke/CO Alarm?



The HomeAware Starter Kit + Fire/CO Alert comes with a remote (wireless) doorbell and has a built-in Smoke/CO listener that will alert you to your smoke and CO detectors in case of an emergency.

The HomeAware will wake you up fast and get you moving via the extra loud 110 dB alarm, flashing strobe light, easy to read 2-inch scrolling display and the industry's strongest bed shaker. From the moment you plug The HomeAware in it begins listening via a built-in microphone for your smoke and CO detectors which will trigger the system to alert via sight, sound and its power bed shaker.

The HomeAware also an extremely reliable, loud alarm clock that will never let you down.

The HomeAware is supervised, meaning it's constantly checking itself to make sure all systems are connected and ready to send alerts for any of The HomeAware connected devices such as the doorbell and other available accessories.

There is a built-in microphone inside the main unit that listens for T2 (smoke) or T3 (CO) alarms. When those alarms are identified the HomeAware will notify you.

The HomeAware can also notify you of phone calls by simply connecting your phone to the back of the unit.

The HomeAware is the most complete Home Signaling System available. It was specifically designed for the deaf and hard of hearing communities that Sonic Alert has served for over 40 years.

The HomeAware has many additional accessories to keep you safe and aware of everyday events such as doorbells, baby cries, dogs barking, weather, door and windows opening, motion, mobile phone calls, text messages, emails and more. The HomeAware is the only system with a smartphone app that notifies you of an event no matter where you are in your home.


This is the first complete home alerting system to have virtually unlimited range, with up to 1,000 feet between a transmitter and the main unit.



  • Choose to be alerted by just one or all: 110dB alarm, power bed shaker and flashing ultra-bright strobe light
  • Scrolling alert messages are shown on a bright red large 2 inch display
  • Powerful bed shaker
  • Dual alarm clock with alarm and snooze duration
  • Compatible with all traditional and new HomeAware™ receivers
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • Monitoring of low batteries and broken links between main unit and transmitters
  • Caller ID for landline and videophone calls
  • Doorbell transmitter can be hardwired into existing A/C powered chime or used as a doorbell button
  • USB plug charges your cell phone while you sleep
  • Full battery back up

HomeAware Complete Home Alerting Solution (Main Kit)

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