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Purchase the BeHear+ Kit which includes both the BeHear PSAP and the HearLink TV transmitter together as a bundle and save $29.00 and receive free shipping!


BeHear NOW is a self-tunable, truly personal wireless Bluetooth headset. It features advanced signal processing for best quality sound, customizable hearing enhancement for all situations, and assistive listening capabilities. This hearable is a multi-functional, high-performance, low-cost alternative to traditional hearing aids, providing Hearing on Demand.


HearLink provides an optimum listening experience for Bluetooth-enabled sound sources. It is a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the analog sound output found on most standard audio devices, including television sets. It sends the audio signal directly to the paired BeHear NOW headset, thus eliminating ambient noises, room reverberation, and other types of sound interference which hamper intelligibility of speech and music appreciation.

BeHear+ Kit (BeHear NOW+TVLink)

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